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If you ordered we will not charge you credit card until we are back up. Also, if we can't get your order to you in time for your trip we will issue you a refund.
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Travel Agencies

FUNatics Adventures has a relationship with the following travel agents. We personally always use a travel agent on our Disney World visits, as they offer personal care and the best prices; furthermore, they often hear of promotions and deals before the general public and so many times have been able to convert one of our existing reservations to a less expensive reservation, or to a reservation with additional perks. If you are looking for a travel agent, please consider one of these Disney experts:

Agency:  My Mickey Vacation Travel
Agent:  Donna Feely
Location:  Hawley, Pa
Phone:  570-647-6966
Email:   donna.feely@mymickeyvacation.com
Website:   http://mymickeyvacation.com/donnafeely

Location:  ALLENTOWN, PA
Phone:  610-395-6362
Email:   noritake1@aol.com

Agency:  Destinations To Travel
Agent:  Shannon Bonadurer
Location:  Millington, MI
Phone:  844-939-4878
Email:   info@d2travel.com
Website:   http://www.d2travel.com

Agency:  Love The Mouse Travel
Agent:  Jay Angoff
Location:  UNK, FL
Phone:  864-939-8747
Email:   jay@lovethemousetravel.com
Website:   www.LoveTheMouseTravel.com

Agency:  Chrystal with Destinations to Explore
Agent:  Chrystal Hilton
Location:  Southbridge, MA
Phone:  774-289-5163
Email:   Chrystal@DestinationstoExplore.com
Website:   Destinationstoexplore.com

Agency:  Mouse Tales Travel
Agent:  Aimee Best
Location:  Hopedale, MA
Phone:  (508) 377-3502
Email:   aimee.best@celebrateitvacations.com
Website:   https://www.mousetalestravel.com/aimee-best-quote-form

Agency:  Modern Travel Professionals
Agent:  Brian Skinner
Location:  Hampton, Va
Phone:  800-272-7739 ext 703
Email:   brian@moderntravelpros.com
Website:   http://www.moderntravelprofessionals.com/welcome-funatics/

Agency:  Coast 2 Coast Travel Pros
Agent:  Christine Slater
Location:  Peoria, AZ
Phone:  602-228-3206
Email:   christine@c2ctravelpros.com
Website:   http://www.c2ctravelpros.com/

Agency:  I'm Your Fairy Godmother
Agent:  Sarah Moske
Location:  Germantown, TN
Phone:  901-833-1128
Email:   strawberrysh@hotmail.com
Website:   http://disneyfairygodmother.blogspot.com

Agency:  My Mickey Vacation Travel
Agent:  Lauralee Hartz
Location:  EDMOND, Ok
Phone:  405-216-3116
Email:   Lauralee.Hartz@mymickeyvacation.com
Website:   http://mymickeyvacation.com/lauraleehartz.html

Agency:  West River Travel Company
Agent:  Brenda Bolin
Location:  Belmont, MI
Phone:  616-293-6001
Email:   Travel@westrivertravel.com
Website:   www.WestRiverTravel.com

Agent:  Diane Welch
Location:  Orange, ct
Phone:  203-640-0902
Email:   diane@lovethemousetravel.com
Website:   nothingsimpossibletravel.com

Agent:  Amanda Mann
Location:  Locust Grove, VA
Phone:  585-698-9349
Email:   amanda@livingwiththemagic.com
Website:   http://www.livingwiththemagic.com

Agency:  Cupcake Castles Travel
Agent:  Victoria Detz
Location:  Hamilton, NJ
Phone:  732-614-6380
Email:   victoria@cupcakecastlestravel.com
Website:   www.cupcakecastlestravel.com/victoria.htm