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Travel Agencies

FUNatics Adventures has a relationship with the following travel agents. We personally always use a travel agent on our Disney World visits, as they offer personal care and the best prices; furthermore, they often hear of promotions and deals before the general public and so many times have been able to convert one of our existing reservations to a less expensive reservation, or to a reservation with additional perks. If you are looking for a travel agent, please consider one of these Disney experts:

Agency:  My Mickey Vacation Travel
Agent:  Donna Feely
Location:  Hawley, Pa
Phone:  570-647-6966
Email:   donna.feely@mymickeyvacation.com
Website:   http://mymickeyvacation.com/donnafeely

Location:  ALLENTOWN, PA
Phone:  610-395-6362
Email:   noritake1@aol.com

Agency:  Destinations To Travel
Agent:  Shannon Bonadurer
Location:  Millington, MI
Phone:  844-939-4878
Email:   info@d2travel.com
Website:   http://www.d2travel.com

Agency:  Love The Mouse Travel
Agent:  Jay Angoff
Location:  UNK, FL
Phone:  864-939-8747
Email:   jay@lovethemousetravel.com
Website:   www.LoveTheMouseTravel.com

Agency:  Chrystal with Destinations to Explore
Agent:  Chrystal Hilton
Location:  Southbridge, MA
Phone:  774-289-5163
Email:   Chrystal@DestinationstoExplore.com
Website:   Destinationstoexplore.com

Agency:  Mouse Tales Travel
Agent:  Aimee Best
Location:  Hopedale, MA
Phone:  (508) 377-3502
Email:   aimee.best@celebrateitvacations.com
Website:   https://www.mousetalestravel.com/aimee-best-quote-form

Agency:  Modern Travel Professionals
Agent:  Brian Skinner
Location:  Hampton, Va
Phone:  757-870-5409
Email:   brian@moderntravelpros.com
Website:   http://www.moderntravelprofessionals.com/welcome-funatics/

Agency:  Coast 2 Coast Travel Pros
Agent:  Christine Slater
Location:  Peoria, AZ
Phone:  602-228-3206
Email:   christine@c2ctravelpros.com
Website:   http://www.c2ctravelpros.com/

Agency:  I'm Your Fairy Godmother
Agent:  Sarah Moske
Location:  Germantown, TN
Phone:  901-833-1128
Email:   strawberrysh@hotmail.com
Website:   http://disneyfairygodmother.blogspot.com

Agency:  My Mickey Vacation Travel
Agent:  Lauralee Hartz
Location:  EDMOND, Ok
Phone:  405-216-3116
Email:   Lauralee.Hartz@mymickeyvacation.com
Website:   http://mymickeyvacation.com/lauraleehartz.html

Agency:  West River Travel Company
Agent:  Brenda Bolin
Location:  Belmont, MI
Phone:  616-293-6001
Email:   Travel@westrivertravel.com
Website:   www.WestRiverTravel.com

Agent:  Diane Welch
Location:  Orange, ct
Phone:  203-640-0902
Email:   diane@lovethemousetravel.com
Website:   nothingsimpossibletravel.com

Agent:  Amanda Mann
Location:  Locust Grove, VA
Phone:  585-698-9349
Email:   amanda@livingwiththemagic.com
Website:   http://www.livingwiththemagic.com

Agency:  Cupcake Castles Travel
Agent:  Victoria Detz
Location:  Hamilton, NJ
Phone:  732-614-6380
Email:   victoria@cupcakecastlestravel.com
Website:   www.cupcakecastlestravel.com/victoria.htm