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As our way of saying thank you for your patience, all orders placed before the 24th, will get a FREE Drink Around the World Showcase lapel pin. (For you collectors, all 5 pins will be available for sale next month!)
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2017 Showcase Snacking

2017 Showcase Snacking Passport

It won’t be easy – will you take the challenge and become part of the elite Showcase Snacking Taste Trackers (SSTT)?!

No place has better snacks than Epcot’s World Showcase, and these colorful, dated passports allow you to keep track of the flavorful snack you choose to enjoy in each country!  Mix and match savory and sweet snacks, creating a perfect day of culinary surprises! 

The passports allow you to keep track of the tastes you try, allowing you to remember the ones you like best.  The personalized, nearly indestrucible passports are waterproof, and perfect for meeting other Showcase Snacking Taste Trackers.

To get started, simply enter a passholder's name, and press the ADD/SAVE button for each person's name.

$3.99 each

Showcase Snacking lanyards

A great way to carry and display your Showcase Snacking passport!

At some point, the wondrous Showcase Snacking excursion must end, so these lanyards, imprinted with “Showcase Snacking,” are a great way to remember your fun for years to come. You can use the lanyard every day to hold your keys or company ID; you can even display it along with your passport in a place of honor.

The lanyard was designed in a purple sherbet color that coordinates perfectly with the Showcase Snacking passport.

  • Proudly display your passport
  • Let others instantly recognize that you are on an adventure and quickly identify other Showcase Snacking enthusiasts
  • Don't misplace your Showcase Snacking passport
  • Why take a chance of losing your passport while juggling a snack, a beverage, and your personalized Taste Tracker?
  • Free up your hands for snacking
  • While enjoying the many snacks available in the World Showcase, the lanyard allows you to keep your Showcase Snacking passport crumb and sauce free!

Snack Around the World Deluxe Guides

Enhance your Showcase Snacking excursion with Showcase Snacking Deluxe Guides. The snack and tips guides all fit in a pocket or purse for easy access to create an unforgettable experience.

  • Pocket Snack Guide Amazing snacks are available at each of the countries in the World Showcase. The pocket Snack Guide lists the various savory and sweet snacks available in each country, as well as the fan favorite snack in each.
  • Pocket Tips and Fun Facts Guide Make your Showcase Snacking jaunt truly memorable! The pocket Tips and Fun Facts Guide has valuable information to make your outing successful and fun. Plus, you will learn a fun fact about each country.