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2017 Monorail Drink-a-Thon Passport

2017 Monorail Drink-a-Thon Passport

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  • 2017 Monorail Drink-A-Thon Passports
  • 2017 Monorail Drink-A-Thon Passport Front
  • 2017 Monorail Drink-A-Thon Passport Back

This one-of-a-kind Monorail Drink-a-Thon Passport is available exclusively from Adventures for FUNatics!  The passport allows you to enjoy an adult evening out, visiting each of the beautiful deluxe resorts while having a festive beverage.

The Monorail Drink-a-Thon (MDaT) personalized passports are available for only $3.99 each!  

The year of your excursion adorns the passport so that you can keep track over time of your ability to complete this trek!

The idea of the excursion is that you visit each resort on the Monorail line (with a couple of extra credit resorts accessible by boat from the Contemporary or Magic Kingdom) and enjoy a beverage at each.  You and your party simply check off each bar/lounge/establishment you visit on your card.  You can choose to visit just one lounge in each resort, or try to visit them all over the course of several visits!   

To get started, simply enter a passholder's name and press the ADD/SAVE button for each person's name. Add as many names as you like.

$3.99 each

Monorail Drink-A-Thon lanyards

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  • Monorail Drink-A-Thon Lanyard
  • MDAT Souvenir Lanyard Break-Away

A great way to carry and display your passport!

Even after your journey ends, remember your fun excursion by using this lanyard, “WDW Monorail Drink-A-Thon,"  for years to come.  Use it to hold your keys or company id, or simply display it along with your passport in a place of honor.

  • Proudly display your passport
  • Let others instantly recognize that you are on an adventure and quickly identify other MDAT enthusiasts
  • Don't misplace your passport
  • You don't want to risk laying your passport down and (gasp) forgetting it!
  • Free up your hands for drinking
  • One drink, one snack - two hands!

Monorail Drink-A-Thon Deluxe Guides

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  • MDAT Deluxe Guides

Enhance your Monorail Drink-a-Thon excursion with Monorail Drink-A-Thon Deluxe Guides. The Beverage, snack and tips guides all fit in a pocket or purse for easy access to create an unforgetable experience.

  • Pocket Beverage Guide
  • Discover some of the Signature Drinks available at each lounge
  • Pocket Snack Guide
  • Some of the best appetizers are available at these deluxe Magic Kindom resorts
  • Pocket Photo Opportunities Guide
  • Discover the best places to memorialize your Monorail Drink-A-Thon experience with photos!
  • Pocket Tips and Entertainment Guide
  • Make your Monorail Drink-A-Thon Pub Crawl truly memorable!