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2017 Drink Around the World Showcase Passport

2017 Drink Around the World Showcase Passport

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  • Personalized 2017 Drink Around the world Showcase Passports
  • Personalized 2017 Drink Around the world Showcase Passport front
  • Personalized 2017 Drink Around the world Showcase Passport back

Join the exclusive, (unofficial) Drink Around the World Showcase Secret Society by ordering your personalized Drink Around the World Showcase Passports for only $3.99 each!

Your passport allows you to keep track of which countries you’ve visited, as well as the beverage you enjoyed in each country: the back of the passport has space to write the kind of beverage you consumed.

The passports are made of a sturdy, waterproof material that is nearly indestructible and protects the passports from predictable afternoon rain showers!

Emblazoned with the year, the 2017 DAWS passport allows you to become a collector of this exclusive souvenir - you can start tracking how many years you are able to complete the quest!

To make the game as fun as possible, consider sharing drinks with a partner, or even complete the excursion over multiple days!  That way you can enjoy everything the country's pavilion has to offer, really enjoy your beverages, remember your crawl, and feel great the next day!

To get started, simply press the Personalize button, enter a passholder's name, and press the ADD/SAVE button for each name.

$3.99 each

Drink Around the World lanyards

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  • Drink Around the World Showcase Lanyard

A great way to carry and display your passport!
Even after your journey ends, you can still show your allegiance to the DAWS Society by using this lanyard, imprinted with the words “Drink Around the World Showcase.”

  • Proudly display your passport
  • Let everyone know that you are on this worthy quest and quickly identify other DAWS Society members.
  • Don't misplace your passport
  • Helps prevent losing your passport in a drunken stupor.
  • Free up your hands for drinking
  • Your DAWS passport is instantly accessible.        

When you return from your trip, use your lanyard to hold your keys or company id, or simply display it along with your passport in a place of honor!

Drink Around the World Deluxe Guides

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  • DAWS Deluxe Guides

Enhance your Drink Around the World Showcase Pub Crawl with the Deluxe Package. The beverage, bathroom, fans’ choice beverage, and tips guides all fit in a pocket or purse for easy access to create an unforgettable experience.

  • Pocket Beverage Guide
  • List of drinks available in each country for advance planning.
  • Pocket Bathroom Guide
  • Location and ratings - critical when imbibing!
  • Fans' Choice Beverage Guidance
  • Not sure which beverage to try in each country? We’ve also included the fan favorite in each country!
  • Pocket Tips and Entertainment Guide
  • Make your DAWS Pub Crawl truly memorable, taking advantage of everything the World Showcase has to offer.