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2016 Hello Passport

2016 Hello Around the World Showcase Passport

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  • Hello Around the World Showcase Passports

Become a Hello Around the World Showcase Ambassador! The personalized Hello Ambassador passport allows you to have fun while learning about other cultures around the world!  As you progress around the World Showcase, simply ask a castmember In each country how to say "Hello", and record the greeting on your passport.  Maybe you will even meet a new friend!

The passports can accompany an adult Drink Around the World Showcase excursion, or be used independently. 

To get started, simply enter a passholder's name and press the ADD/SAVE button for each person's name. Add as many names as you like.

Hello Around the World Lanyards

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  • Hello Around the World Showcase Landyard

A great way to carry and display your passport!

Announce your Hello Around the World Showcase quest with these cheerful lanyards!
  • Proudly display your passport
  • Let everyone know that you are on a quest to be a Hello Around the World Showcase Ambassador!
  • Don't misplace your passport
  • Helps prevent losing your passport while interacting with all the friendly castmembers!
  • Free up your hands for photos, hats, and props!
  • Take advantage of every fun minute of your time in Epcot, and remember your trip fondly, by taking photos with the country’s hats and props. Surely you don’t want those items to get in your way!
  • Lanyards are created with safety in mind!
  • All lanyards have a specially-designed breakaway joint that will snap apart under stress, and then easily snap back together.
  • Remember your trip fondly when you return home!
  • Long after your Hello Around the World Showcase journey ends, you can still remember the new friends you made by using this unique lanyard, imprinted with the words “Hello Around the World Showcase.” Use it to hold your school id, for your house key, or simply display it along with your passport in a place of honor in your room.

Hello Around the World Deluxe Guides

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  • HAWS Deluxe Guides

These deluxe guides give you the insider information you need to make your Hello Around the World Showcase excursion truly memorable!

The two-piece deluxe guides are chock-full of helpful tips and information, and can be easily carried in a pocket or handbag.

  • Pocket Tips Guide
    You get helpful tips about how the entire family can fully enjoy a visit to Epcot
  • Pocket Fun Facts
    There are interesting facts for every Epcot country
  • Pocket Hidden Mickeys
    At least one unique Hidden Mickey for each country is listed, creating another fun game as your travel from country to country!

All this valuable information is available for just $4.99.