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MDAT Souvenir Lanyard

Monorail Drink-A-Thon lanyards

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  • Monorail Drink-A-Thon Lanyard
  • MDAT Souvenir Lanyard Break-Away

A great way to carry and display your passport!

Even after your journey ends, remember your fun excursion by using this lanyard, “WDW Monorail Drink-A-Thon,"  for years to come.  Use it to hold your keys or company id, or simply display it along with your passport in a place of honor.

  • Proudly display your passport
  • Let others instantly recognize that you are on an adventure and quickly identify other MDAT enthusiasts
  • Don't misplace your passport
  • You don't want to risk laying your passport down and (gasp) forgetting it!
  • Free up your hands for drinking
  • One drink, one snack - two hands!