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Top commissions
Our payment model is simple: for every dollar we get in sales from your link, we will pay you 10% for all products sold.
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soon as your account reaches $10 in commission, you can look forward to receiving a commision check - we send them on the first business day of every month. There is nothing better than getting paid for doing nothing!

What do you offer travel agents?

Link to your website
After you sign up as an affiliate send us an email with your company information and attach a logo. We will do our due diligence and if all checks out we will add your travel agency to our travel agency page.
Custom Passports
We now offer our passports customized with your company logo and website in the place of ours. You can learn more about this FREE service HERE.

How do I promote?

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and discussion boards have changed the way people learn about and buy products. Write a short, interesting review of your DAWS or MDaT excursion, or just talk about our passports. Just remember to always include your custom link so you get credit for the sales. We've found that the secret is to make regular posts on different sites about various topics, but not so many that it irritates people.
Your Website
If you have a website, you can do anything you like, from writing complete articles about Drinking Around the World Showcase or Monorail Drink-a-Thon passports, to making up a banner ad of your own, to simply adding one of our banner adds.
I'm sure you know a ton of people that would be interested in our Drink Around the World Showcase or Monorail Drink-a-Thon passports that you could reach out to via email, but an even better way is to include the link in the signature section of all your emails to entice those people you didn't even knew were Disney fans!
Are you a travel agent?
If you are a travel agent, you know it's the little things that keep your customers coming back. Why not suggest they order Drink Around the World Showcase or Monorail Drink-a-Thon passports? Better yet, why don't you order a set for them? You will make your customer happy AND make a 10% commission at the same time.